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2024 Holy Days of Obligation

Holy days are important feast days in the life of the Catholic community on which, in addition to Sundays, Catholics (who are above the age of reason and who are not sick) are obligated to participate in Mass according to the precepts of the Church. They celebrate an important mystery of the Catholic faith. The number of these holy days can vary from country to country and year to year. In the United States, this year, the following are the holy days of obligation.

All Sundays are obligatory to participate in the celebration of the Mass

Monday, January 1The Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God

Sunday, May 12 – The Ascension of the Lord (permanently transferred to the 7th Sunday of Easter in Florida)

Thursday, August 15 – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Friday, November 1 – All Saints' Day

Wednesday, December 25 – The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Christmas)

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